Aveneer offers the possibility to set up a post-generation action (“Create a record” or “Update a record”) for each Template Configuration record. Such action can be created either through Create Action button or New button on the Actions related list, and will be executed each time a document is generated with the given Template Configuration.

  1. Name – the name of the new Action record. Only active Action records will be executed.
  2. Is Active – only active Action records will be executed.
  3. Type – Users can choose to either create a new record or to update an existing one.
  4. Transaction Status to – define when exactly the given Action record is to be executed ( based on the ave__External_Generator_Log__r.ave__ave__Transaction__r.ave__Status__c). One new record will be created per each ave__Transaction__c record.
  5. Object to create – select which Objects’ record is to be created after document generation. Both standard and custom objects are supported.
  6. FIeld – define the values for new record’s fields. Once the field is added, defining its value is mandatory.
    1. There are 3 ways in which a field value can be defined:
      1. Taking the value from the parent Object’s (the Object used for document generation) field by inserting the correct Aveneer Token.
      2. For field types with predefined values, such as Picklist, Multi-select Picklist, or Date, inserting one of the available values.
      3. Inserting the value directly into the Value field.
    2. There are validation rules in place to prevent users from using either Aveneer Token that does not match the selected field type, or inserting a value that is invalid, such as an incorrect Picklist value.
    3. To insert Aveneer Token or predefined value, click on the “Plus” icon next to the Value field.

If “Update a record” is selected, Users can update the Primary Object for which the document was generated, or any related parent record. 

After the document generation, Admins can check the status of the Post-Generation Action on the corresponding Transaction record page:

If there are any issues with the Post-Generation Action, the Action Status field is equal to “Failed” and an Error Log record is created.