After installation and basic configuration of Aveneer, users can define some of the application’s properties. The Aveneer’s setup page can be found in Setup -> Custom Metadata Types -> Aveneer Configuration (below are visible the default values):

Aveneer Rest API User Id – ID of the integration user whose credentials were used during the authorization process.

Aveneer Sign Page Aveneer Sign page endpoint.

Disable Preview – if set to True, it will disable the preview functionality available on the Template Selection page. Should always be enabled if issues with Template Selection page rendering occur (infinite loading).

Document Generation Duplicate Check – define the range of days for a possible duplicates check. Potential duplicates will be matched against the RecordId & TemplateConfigurationId. Only Transaction records, where Status equals “Succeeded” or “Awaiting Signatures”, will be included in the query. If no duplicate check is to be executed, the setting should be equal to “none”.

Email Notification From Address Id – the Id of the Org-Wide email address that will be used to send out email notifications.

External Endpoint UrlAveneer document generation endpoint.

External Generator Retry Delay (minutes) – In case of document generation failure, the number of minutes between subsequent automatic re-generation attempts. 

Generator Log Expiration (in days) – the number of days between automatic External Generator Log deletion.

Hide Templates With Inaccessible Fields – if the current user does not have access to one of the fields used in a given template’s mapping, this setting decides whether that template is available on the Template Selection page or not. If it’s set to False, then the template will be available, but generated documents will have blank space in place of the tokens that are mapped to fields to which the current user does not have access to.

Log Expiration (in days) – the number of days between automatic Error Log deletion.

Notification Email Template – Id of a custom email template used as Aveneer Email Notification.

Number of table records – maximum number of child records allowed within a table.

Preserve Document Owner – If set to True, the current user will be the owner of generated documents. If set to False, the integration user will be set as the owner.

Standard Columns To Hide – Setting allows hiding standard columns on the Template Selection page. To hide the selected column, its API name has to be inserted into the field. If multiple columns are to be hidden, their API names have to be separated with a semicolon. API names of the columns are:

  • Record Name – objectName
  • Template Configuration – configurationName
  • Document Name – documentName
  • Document Type – documentType
  • Attach As – attachAsFile

Template Config History Expiration – the number of days between automatic Error Log deletion.

Time Update Progress Bar (milliseconds) – Progression Bar update rate.