The Aveneer application offers a possibility to generate documents through a “GenerateDocumentsRecord” component. It is accessible in the form of an action button or directly on a record page. Manual configuration is required.

Action button

  • Go to Setup -> Object Manager -> selected Object -> Buttons, Links, and Actions -> New Action.
  • Populate required fields as in the example below:
  • Next, while still on the Object Manager page, go to the Page Layouts section and open the appropriate page layout.
  • From “Mobile & Lightning Actions” select the new button and drag it onto the “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” section of the layout. Save changes.

Directly on a record page

  • While being on the selected object’s record page click on the gear icon and select Edit Page. The user will be redirected to the Lightning App Builder page. 
  • From the Components (Custom – Managed) section located on the left side of the screen select GenerateDocumentsRecord and drag it onto the record page. Save changes.