Generating documents is possible only when the correct External Endpoint URL is inserted in Custom Metadata Types and the organization is authorized. If for some reasons one of those conditions is not met or there is a failure on the server side, the generation process will fail and Aveneer will attempt to automatically re-generate the failed documents a defined number of times.

After the defined number of unsuccessful attempts, each related Transaction record will have the Transaction Finished field updated to True and there will be no further automatic attempts to re-generate the documents. If the issue is fixed between those attempts, the documents will be re-generated, and the Status field on the Transaction records will be updated to “Succeeded”.

The number of retry attempts, and the period of time between them, can be defined in the Custom Metadata Types section, under the Aveneer Configuration entry (“External Generator Retry Count” & “External Generator Retry Delay (minutes)” fields). If the value is not defined or is defined incorrectly, the time between the attempts will be equal to 3 minutes.

In order to check the current status of a Transaction record, go to External Generator Logs and open the record page of the related Transaction record.