Aveneer 1.40

Release date: 12 Apr 2024

  • New: Avenir changed name to Aveneer. We also changed our brand colors.
  • New: New AWS environment using more flexible and scalable solution.
  • New: Endpoint authentication improvements to increase security.
  • New: Custom Email Notification functionality. New functionality allowing users to send email notifications with document attachments when generating documents without signatures.
  • New: Generic implementation of ApiProxy methods (to not create hard linking between packages).
  • New: Ability to select Primary Object as a Signing Party. In some cases the object for which we generate documents could be also one of the signing parties. This functionality allows selecting the main object as a signing party.
  • New: Multiselect picklists handling in Template Selection filters. In case when custom multipicklist field is added into the filter, we can filter by single or multiple picklist values.
  • Improvement: Improve error handling on signing process. We trying to avoid or minimalize errors, but some issues could be outside of our powers (like external email mailboxes etc). To mitigate any confusions, we clarified error messages which could appear during signing process.
  • Fix: Assignment Rules – conditions for multi-select field cannot be saved with any “contains” operator
  • Fix: UseLabelsInPicklists changes the Condition Builder value.
  • Fix: Other various bug fixes and improvements.

Aveneer 1.39.2

Release date: 29 Jan 2024

  • Optimized SOQL usage on generating multiple documents.
  • Fix for document crash when multiple tokens inside child token were mapped to the same object field.
  • Fix for image tokens in some situations not being passed to the document.

Aveneer 1.39.1

Release date: 23 Jan 2024

  • Fix for picklist translations mapped using lookups.
  • Fix for picklist translations mapped using global tokens.

Aveneer 1.39

Release date: 15 Jan 2024

  • Additional modal has been added to the Template Selection page. If “Merge to single document” picklist option is selected, Users will be additionally asked to select the type (PDF or DOCX) of the merged document and to define its Document Name.
  • A new type of Condition Token {{#if.isNotBlank.childObject}}, dedicated to the child Table Token, has been added. When utilized, it will hide the whole Child Table if there are no child records.
  • Template Configuration History object has been extended. A new button has been added that will allow Aveneer Admins to revert any Template Configuration record back to the selected, previous version.
  • A new component has been added to assist Aveneer Admins with the creation of new Visualforce Pages and buttons for document generation on additional objects.
  • Settings tabs layout has been re-designed for better User Experience. Import/Export sections have been re-organized into tabs & sub-tabs.
  • Import Branch Config – added ability to include images during the import process.
  • Branch Config Notifications – improved default notifications for Viewers.
  • Multiple Template Configuration record type – added support for image tokens.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Past Versions

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Aveneer 1.38.1

Release date: 27 Dec 2023

  • Sorting fix on Template Selection page – now sorting works more predictably for each type of field

Aveneer 1.38

Release date: 06 Dec 2023

Aveneer 1.37

Release date: 27 Oct 2023

  • A new setting in Template Configuration to enforce retrieving labels of picklist values instead of api names
  • A new setting in Branch Config to define sign date format
  • Mechanism to detect possible document generation duplicates. Document Generation Duplicate Check
  • Various performance optimizations and bug fixes

Aveneer 1.36

Release date: 14 Sep 2023

  • Template Configuration and Branch Config Import/Export – now with the new Import/Export wizard we can easily move our templates and related configurations from one environment to another (for example from sandbox to production).
  • The possibility to configure more than one child/table token points to the same child relationship in one template. If we want to add two (or more) tables with for example different products (different conditions) we can achieve it directly from UI configuration.
  • Mathematical functions were extended for mean and discount functions
  • The preview document component now is available to everyone. Could be used as a document preview on record level, from screen flow before the actual document is generated, or from another custom component. We have a possibility to pass Template Id and Record Id, and the .docx document with preview will be downloaded directly to our computer.
  • The possibility to set the number of re-tries that should be performed after the document generation error was added to the Aveneer configuration metadata type
  • Possibility to exclude “succeeded” documents from the Document tab – to improve performance and UX experience, we added the possibility to exclude successfully generated and signed documents from the Document tab
  • Various performance optimizations and bug fixes

Aveneer 1.35.2

Release date: 12 Aug 2023

  • Added support for nested condition tokens
  • Bugfixes

Aveneer 1.35.1

Release date: 02 Aug 2023

  • Hotfixes to 1.35

Aveneer 1.35

Release date: 28 Jul 2023

  • Progression Bar – Further development of the Download button. Download button has been replaced with the Manage Generated Documents button which then splits into Download and Delete buttons. Users have now ability to select individual documents they want to action.
  • Condition Builder – added support for the Multi-Select Picklist field type. Users are now able to select a Multi-Select Picklist field when defining conditions within the Condition Builder for Condition Tokens, Child Table and Assignment Rules.
  • Hide Templates With Inaccessible Fields – added additional setting in Custom Metadata Types. It will allow Admins to decide if a particular Template Configuration should be hidden on the Template Selection page if the current User doesn’t have access to every field used in that Template Configuration. If such template is not hidden, the current User will still be able to generate documents, but with blank space in place of tokens mapped to fields to which the current User doesn’t have access to. Error Log with a list of fields will be generated.
  • Access to every field used in a Assignment Rule is no longer required for the current User. If within Assignment Rule there is a field to which the current User doesn’t have access to, such field is being treated as equal null, with the rest of the conditions being evaluated as per usual logic.
  • New search parameters:
    • restrictedTemplateIds – a list of template Ids to be displayed in the component.
    • processAssignmentRules – a boolean value to decide if assignment rules should be processed (true) or not (false).
  • Added possibility of adding new columns to the Template Selection page based on fields of objects other than ave__Template_Configuration__c. To add such column an Admin should open the Field Sets section in Object Manager of a selected object and create a new Fields Set with the exact name Generate_Documents_Table.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

Aveneer 1.34.2

Release date: 26 Jul 2023

  • Optimizations on Documents tab

Aveneer 1.34.1

Release date: 07 Jul 2023

  • Added possibility to compare field with empty value in condition builders

Aveneer 1.34

Release date: 27 Jun 2023

  • Handling improvement for Rich Text Area fields as a tokens. We provided new format possibility to Rich Text fields {{TOKEN_NAME | replace-html}} to strip out all html tags inside field with respect for new lines.
  • Generated document owner now could be preserved for initial user instead of integration user. We provided new setting in Aveneer Configuration named “Preserve Document Owner” to decide how Aveneer should handle generated file owner.
    • If it will be set to “true” – owner of generated document will be changed to user who start document generation.
    • If will be set to “false” – generated file owner will stay as technical user.
  • Child token sorting – new functionality to select sorting order by object field and limiting results number from Template Configuration UI is now available.
  • Added functionality to search sign person in “User” option by user last name.
  • Sign without review – change the default selection – in situation when user have assigned custom permission for signing document without reviewing – default option will be set to “Sign Document without Reviewing”
  • Various fixes and UI improvements on Documents (signature) page.