Before Aveneer Users can fully utilize the Aveneer Signature module, an initial configuration is required.

Access via Permission Sets – every Aveneer User can use the Aveneer Signature module, however different permission sets grant different level of access:

  • AVENEER Generator User:
    • Users can create & save their signatures in Salesforce.
    • Users can access the Documents tab with the ‘Documents To Sign’ List View.
  • AVENEER Generator Admin:
    • Users can set up the ‘Signatures Configuration’ section on  the Template Configuration record page.
  • AVENEER Generator Advanced Admin:
    • Users can additionally access the ‘Manage Documents To Sign’ List View in the Documents tab.
    • Users can extend the access to the folder containing signatures of Salesforce Users via Configure button on the Home page.
  • Custom Permissions – there are two custom permissions that enable additional features within the Documents tab. By default they are assigned to the AVENEER Generator Advanced Admin permission set, but can also be assigned to any other permission set.
    • Can Sign Multiple – allows Users to sign documents in bulk.
    • Can Sign Without Review – allows Users to sign documents without reviewing them.