Each document can have its expiration date defined on the Template Configuration level under the Signatures Configuration section. Once a document reaches its due date, appropriate Email Notification is sent out to all Signing Parties. 

Signing Parties can request an extension. They can do that in two ways:

1. Aveneer Sign Page – if a document reaches its Due Date and a Signing Party opens the Aveneer Sign page through Email Notification, instead of a standard signing page, that Signing Party will see an information screen with a “Request an extension” button. Pressing the button will change the status of the document to “Extension Requested” which will give the Admins a chance to either accept or decline the request.

2. Documents tab – Salesforce Users taking part in the signing process can request an extension via the Documents tab. Documents, where Transaction Status is equal to “Signatures Expired”, will have the “Request Extension” button available under the dropdown arrow.