One of the main purposes of the Branch Config Object is to store Email Notifications that are sent out during different stages of the Aveneer Signature flow. Each Branch Config record is created with a set of 9 default Notifications, accessible through the ‘Notifications’ related list of the Branch Config record.

When the Signing Process reaches a certain stage, an appropriate Email Notification is sent out to all defined Signing Parties. That Stage is defined by the ‘Notification Call Event’ field.

Email Notifications are used to inform involved Signing Parties about the documents, awaiting their signature, and their status. Notifications can include a link that redirects Signing Parties to the Aveneer Sign page, where they are able to place their signatures.

If default Email Notifications do not meet the Users’ needs, they can be edited or replaced with custom Notifications. Default Notifications have to be deleted, and new Notifications created in their places via the ‘Add Notification’ button on the Branch Config record page.

  • Name – name of the Notification.
  • Notification Call Event – a point at which the Notification is to be sent. There are following events to select from:
    • Document to Sign – initial notification, when a document is generated and sent out for signatures.
    • Document Complete – all Signing Parties placed their signatures and the document is returned successfully to Salesforce.
    • Document Canceled – one of the Signing Parties declined the document.
    • New Recipient Email – Aveneer Admin changes the email address of a Signing Party.
    • Signature Deadline – due date approaches.
    • Document Expired – due date has been reached.
    • Signature Extension Granted – Aveneer Admin has extended the expiration date of the document.
    • Signature Extension Denied – Aveneer Admin has declined the extension request.
    • Live Document to Preview – initial notification that is being sent out to Viewers who are not Signing Parties, giving them access to live preview of the document.
    • Document PDF to Preview – notification used when only Viewers are defined, without Signing Parties, and no signatures are required. Viewers receive the notification after documents are generated, with those documents added in the attachment.
  • When – a setting that allows Aveneer Admins to define when exactly, in regards to the Notification Call Event, the Email Notification is to be sent out.
  • Number of Days – settings that specifies the number of days, before or after the Notification Call Event, when  the Email Notification is to be sent out.
  • Email Folder – source folder containing the Email Template.
  • Email Template – Email Template used for the Email Notification.
  • Subject – subject of the Email Notification.
  • Rich Text Field – field allowing Aveneer Admins to further customize source Email Template. Merging Aveneer Tokens is possible.