Create Branch Config modal has 3 main sections: Basic Properties, Site Configuration, and Email Configuration.

Basic Properties – Admins define value for basic fields:

  • Name – name of the new record.
  • Related Object – main object that has to match the object of a Template Configuration record.
  • Description – optional field with the description of the record.
  • Date Format – the format of the date of the signature.

Site configuration – fields values of which will be later displayed on the Aveneer Sign page:

  • Site Content – the Aveneer Sign page header that will be displayed above the document’s preview. By clicking the Token icon, Users can merge tokens that will pull data from the Signing Party.
  • Company Information –  Company details displayed on the Aveneer Sign page above the document preview.
  • Upload Logo – image displayed at the top of the Aveneer Sign page.

Email configuration – properties of Email Notifications:

  • Email Address – ReplyTo address.
  • Email Sender Name – name of the sender, displayed in the Email Inbox.
  • Email Footer – footer of the Email Notifications. It is possible to merge tokens into the footer, in the same way as in the Site Content field.